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About Us

Knowledge is Power. Power to the People.

Our founder discovered that only around half the countries in the world have 'climate change' in their curriculum, even though it is the most important crisis facing our world today. 

Climate Changemakers started off as a neighbourhood project to try to get middle school children thinking about climate change and how it will affect them. But it is students in developing countries that need this knowledge fast to make a difference. 

Students from over 15 countries including Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam have accessed these materials. We are in the process of translating our material into more languages so that students can access this no matter where they are from. 

If you are a student or a teacher interested in pioneering a Changemaker program at your school, please feel free to reach out for more assistance. 

Our Team.

Our team members have joined us at various stages as they discover the joys of mentoring. We are, unfortunately, not recruiting new team members at the moment. 

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